Chasing Goalies...

We've recently had discussions about how many times we've "chased" a goalie from the game this year. Well, looking back through the first 75 games of the season we've chased 10 goalies so far. Five of the last seven games, which is a great time for the O to heat up with playoffs right around the corner.

Oct 13th: 6-2 vs Detroit
Oct 16th: 6-3 vs NY Islanders
Oct 21st: 5-2 @ Florida
Dec 18th: 5-2 vs Toronto
Jan 18th: 7-2 @ Phoenix
Mar 18th: 6-2 @ Tampa Bay
Mar 20th: 3-1 @ Florida
Mar 21st: 5-3 @ Carolina
Mar 27th: 7-1 vs Tampa Bay
Mar 29th: 3-2 @ Boston

Thats the 10 games in which we've chased a goalie this year. Thats quite a bit, considering thats 1 out of every 7.5 games. And 5 in March, 3 straight road games (March 18, 20 and 21) and 4 straight on the road overall as well. And three times on the '18th' of a month... So clearly we want to play a playoff game April 18th. lol

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