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Die by the Blade Radio to Debut Tonight

It was a long time ago when we promised to incorporate a live internet radio show/podcast and we are finally ready to make the commitment. The show will make it's long awaited debut tonight at 11p.m. I suspect most of you will be sleeping by then but don't worry, the show will be available via podcast and available for download.

We are planning on using Blog Talk Radio as well as UStream TV to broadcast the show and there will be more details to follow later tonight.

We will obviously talk about the major happenings with the Buffalo Sabres but we are open to suggestions as well. We plan to talk about the Sabres clinching the playoffs, the trouble with the Ottawa Senators, the three youngsters that are in the lineup, the injuries to key players and of course we will take a look at potential playoff opponents.

If you have any other topics you would like us to talk about, we will have a live chat room or you can leave a question here.