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Daily Links for Tuesday, March 30

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Buffalo continued to march towards the playoffs with a hard-fought 3-2 win last night based around Ryan Miller and a 2-1 ugly-to-pretty goal ratio. Aside from the score, did anybody else really enjoy watching Mancari, Gerbe, and Ennis zoom around the rink as much as I did? It was refreshing to have guys that can fly up and down the ice all game - reminds me of 2005 again.

Sabres at Bruins -
Ryan Miller made 40 saves for the Sabres, while Tyler Myers picked up a goal and an assist in a 3-2 win over the Bruins.

Torres closer - Sabres Edge
Raffi Torres should be back "within the next few days", which seems no different than what the team has been saying for "the past few days". Click here for a between-periods injury update from Darcy Regier from last night's win.

Kaleta To Miss Remainder Of Regular Season - WGR 550 SportsRadio
Not much else here the headline doesn't already explain.

Kenny Mayne chats with Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller - ESPN
Unfortunately this is for ESPN Insiders only, so if you're not you can only read, um, two questions. But the questions are from Kenny Mayne, so it could be worth becoming an Insider just to read.

NHL denies deal for Coyotes to Winnipeg; confirms talks - Puck Daddy
I, for one, would enjoy seeing more teams based on Canada. Apologies to the dozens of 'Yotes fans out there.

Joe Thornton's "Iron Man" streak comes to a close - Fear The Fin
Joe Thornton's "Iron Man" streak comes to a close. A look at the latest updates in his injury, and how he stacks up against other leaders in the GP category.

Can Calgary make the playoffs? - TSN
Sitting four points back of the eighth-place Colorado Avalanche, can the Calgary Flames make the playoffs? NHL on TSN analyst Ray Ferraro says yes, but Ryan Lambert from Puck Daddy says no.

Team Faceoff Percentage since 1997-98 - Behind The Net
Who are the best and worst teams in faceoff percentage since 1997? How about since the lockout?

2010 NHL Mock Draft - has a set of 4 mock drafts by different writers, in case you wanted to fast-forward past the playoffs.