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Clarke MacArthur Shipped to Atlanta

After a slow start to the day, Darcy Regier has been busy the last hour. Just minutes after acquiring Raffi Torres from the Columbus Blue Jackets he sent Clarke MacArthur packing for Atlanta. The Sabres received a 3rd and 4th round pick in return for MacArthur.

MacArthur brought some offense to the Sabres but he was a defensive liability and he didn't play a physical style. The essentially replaced C-Mac with Torres which is a huge upgrade.

Clarke MacArthur was a guy that had so much offensive potential but he never really lived up to the hype. I a on record as saying he would become an offensive force but he disappeared so often that became impossible. As a young player he has time to develop his game but in the end the Sabres made the right move.

He started the season by scoring goals but he tailed off considerably in recent months. It became a situation where he wasn't good enough to be a top six forward and his defensive and physical weaknesses were evident when he played on the third or fourth line.

It is bittersweet to see MacArthur leave because I still think he can be a good offensive player but Torres fits the Sabres system much better than he does. Once the Torres trade was announced the writing was on the wall that C-Mac would be playing elsewhere.

Good luck in Atlanta C-mac, we hope you do well.