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NHL Trade Deadline: Dennis Seidenberg Goes To Boston From Florida

The Northeast Division got a little stronger with the addition of Dennis Seidenberg to the Boston Bruins. The Bruins sent Craig Weller, Byron Bitz, and Tampa's second round pick from 2010 for Seidenberg and Bartkowski. 

For the Bruins, this is essentially swapping Seidenberg for Derek Morris. Seidenberg has 17 points in 45 games for the Panthers while Morris had 25 points in 58 games, roughly the same points per game average with the advantage going toward Seidenberg. 

As of noon, this means that the teams in the Northeast division are all strengthening up while the Sabres are standing put. With three hours left in the deadline and Darcy's comments this morning making it sound like they are not going to make any moves, the lack of inactivity has to make Sabres fans anxious to say the least. Most often times though, Darcy does make a move for something at the trade deadline to try and improve the Sabres. What his next move is though has yet to be seen.