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Trade Deadline Open Thread

For many of us the trade deadline is like Christmas. It is highly anticipated and sometimes it doesn't lie up to the hype. Many of us feel that is how the day will play out for Sabres fans. This will be the place to go if you want to chat about any of the trades that occur today. If the Sabres make a trade there will be a brand new post and all comments for that trade will happen there. Oh yeah and we have a hockey game tonight.

This won't be the only place I will chatting today. The Goose's Roost is hosting a mega live-blog with as many Sabres fans and bloggers as possible. I expect to be there for a large portion of the day as well.

I normally don't embed another chat in a post because our comment system is far and away the best on the internet, but I thought today was a special event and an opportunity to bring Sabres fans together. I have included the Cover it Live chat that Goose's Roost is using today.