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Daily Links for Friday, March 26

Happy Friday everyone!  Also, not only is it Friday, but if the Sabres win tonight, then Buffalo is officially in the 2010 NHL playoffs! And tonight's game is against Ottawa too - a very possible first round playoff match-up for us - so come out strong, boys. In an unrelated note, seeing as how I'll be away for the weekend again, I decided to jam as many links in this post today as the internetz can hold just to make things tougher on D.O. as he fills in for me over the next few days - good luck finding articles in the resulting links famine, Dave! Mwahahaaaa.

Sabres tired of talking about Senators - The Buffalo News
Patrick Kaleta finally couldn't take it anymore. After five straight questions about the Ottawa Senators, the Buffalo Sabres' right winger was exasperated. "It aggravates me," Kaleta said Thursday. "I'm obviously not a fan of Ottawa."

Booing is OK, Montador says - Sabres Edge
"Fans have every right to feel whichever way they feel," defenseman Steve Montador said, which I believe is a quote taken directly from The Constitution, or The Bible. Also, Lindy Ruff is sorry he got mad, and will be taking the team out for ice cream to show them he still loves them.

Torres Says Injury Happened Here - WGR 550 SportsRadio
On "a weird shot in practice". Get well soon, Raffi.

Sullivan: Hecht takes family lesson to heart - The Buffalo News
Jochen Hecht admits he was a miserable soul a year ago. He had the worst season of his NHL career. He was taking it right to heart, and making matters worse, he was taking it right home with him, too.

A two-goal deficit may not be the most difficult thing the Buffalo Sabres have to overcome this week. Also, has this practice update dealing with minor injuries to Kaleta, Tallinder, and Torres.

News About the Headshot Ruling:

Rule prohibiting lateral, back-pressure or blind-side hit to head will take effect tonight -
When will we see the first effects of this new ruling?

Blindside hits and you: The NHL video primer - Puck Daddy
A video explaining hits that are now illegal with some commentary from Ryan Miller.

No on-ice penalties, but discipline coming for head hits -
Gary Bettman talks about the headshot ruling and the Matt Cooke hit.

Everything Else:

NHL Marketing Overload: The curious case of Crosby versus Ovechkin - From The Rink
The NHL marketing wizards are all over Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. But is it a real or manufactured rivalry?

The Perils Of Drafting A Goalie In The First Round — Especially A Canadian One - From The Rink
NHL GM's would be wise to avoid using a first-round pick on a goalie — even a Canadian-born one.

NHL, Hewlett-Packard partner to launch NHL PhotoStore -
The NHL and HP are making high quality photos from Getty Images (the same ones we use for all our pictures on SBNation) available for purchase. I think it's pretty cool, anyway.

Rangers' 3D experiment thrills fans and celebrities in attendance - Puck Daddy
The general consensus seemed to be: "not enough WOW factor."

The Complete History of NHL Video Games - Gunaxin Sports
An epic recap of every hockey video game ever, starting with the awesomely-titled Hockey!/Soccer! for the Magnavox Odyssey 2 in 1979.