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Daily Links for Thursday, March 25

Last night was a perfect example of why you should never leave a reasonably close sporting event early. What an unbelievable comeback by Buffalo to grab 2 points out of thin air! No, they didn't even have thin air to start with - more like a vacuum. After the break, we've got more on the Washington steroid investigation, mascots, the (possible) end of Colin Campbell, and a fantastic hockey music idea from John Buccigross.

Sabres find extra gear, stun Canadiens - The Buffalo News
After playing 58 uninspired minutes and being down 2-0, the Buffalo Sabres staged a furious comeback to beat the Montreal Canadians 3-2 in a shootout. I guess Lindy's superstition will continue.

Sabres Edge: NHL moving on head shots
Lindy Ruff and competition committee member Ryan Miller talk about the recent head-shot ruling.

Best and Worst Faceoff Takers since 1997 - Behind The Net
Who are the best and worst faceoff takers since 1997, minimum 1,000 faceoffs? We have two of the worst!

A plan that will change the hockey world! - ESPN
John Buccigross proposes that every player have a "goal song" to be played whenever they score - I love this idea. Like in an illegal-in-42-states way.

Boston Bruins sign defenseman Andrew Ference to three-year extension - ESPN Boston
Defenseman Andrew Ference signed a three-year, $6.75 million contract extension Wednesday with the Boston Bruins.

Washington now hockey's capital organization - The Hockey News
Great management from top to bottom has led to the success of both the Caps in the NHL and the Hershey Bears in the AHL.

I don't think it was the players that were really targeted' - Capitals Insider
And then there's this. Caps winger Eric Fehr said he spoke to investigators for about 10 minutes yesterday regarding a connection to a known steroid dealer. He spoke to The Washington Post about the investigation.

Corsi Percentage by Period - Behind The Net
Which team plays the best in the third period? Find out here.

NHL mascots unceremoniously snubbed by Hockey News list - Puck Daddy
The Hockey News counted down the top 10 mascots in the NHL today, and Wysh is furious. I'd link to the THN list, but this is the one that has Sabretooth, so...