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Sabres 3 Panthers 1: The Daily Links for Sunday March 21

My apologies for the lack of a game recap and also for the lateness of the today's daily links post. I watched the game in tape delay and by the time it finished I was watching through my eyelids. Since I am filling in for Andy this morning, I thought I would combine the links and recap.

The Sabres earned another important two points last night and they did it, in the words of Harry Neale "In workman like fashion". There was nothing pretty about the Sabres win but it was an effective road game. The Sabres started strong, scored two goals from bad angles, a third goal was scored with hard work in front and they also received good goaltending from Ryan Miller. It was anything but pretty, and it was exactly what they need to do in the playoffs.

I have to admit this will be the shortest links post ever but not because I am lazy. I had a hard time finding any links about the game yesterday or anything NHL related in general. I'm sure tomorrow will be back to normal with a long list of links for you follow.

Penalty killers perfect in Sabres' win : Buffalo Sabres : The Buffalo News
The Sabres penalty killers have been great all season and last night was no different. I remind you that when you take so many penalties, you are playing with fire. The Sabres have to become more disciplined if they will have any success in playoffs.

Bring on the draft: Panthers fall to Sabres 3-1 - Litter Box Cats
Florida staring at fifth place in the Southeast. The Panthers are now looking towards the draft instead of the post season after losing to the Sabres on Saturday night.

Corsi Ratings  |  Event Summary  |  Sabres vs Panthers coverage ready to open the Vault for classic games online - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Remember I reviewed NHL GameCenter a couple of months ago? I would have given it a grade of must have if this was already in place at the time. Who wouldn't want to get pumped up for a playoff game by watching an old hockey game. I think maybe Chris Drury scoring with just seconds remaining against the Rangers, or maybe "Mayday"..."Mayday"..."Mayday". This is a fantastic idea the NHL has and I expect it will bring in a few more customers.

Onus is smack dab on players - The Boston Globe
Kevin Paul Dupont takes a look at recent head shots and puts the blame squarely on the players. I agree wholeheartedly and find it funny that people are criticizing the league for the dangerous hits. If players wouldn't target the head of their opponent we wouldn't be having these discussions. This goes all the way back to when Chris Neil hit Chris Drury, it was the same type of hit but not much was made of it.