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Daily Links for Thursday, March 18

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The US economy will be in the toilet for the next two days thanks to all you slackers watching and following March Madness today and tomorrow. For those of us who work in places that block any sort of fun websites, all we have to look forward to is a bracket that's in the toilet by the end of the night when Kentucky loses to East Tennessee State and a Sabres game tonight at 7:30pm against Tampa Bay.

Kennedy could move up - Sabres Edge
The Ellis-Mair-Kennedy line was hot yesterday, so let's break them up!

Ruff Knows Where The Finger Points For Slow Starts - WGR 550
Spoiler alert: he blames himself.

'Terrible' Torres still trying to fit in - FOX Sports
Raffi Torres is being quite frank about his play since joining the Sabres. I'm not going to go that far, but would it be too much to ask for you to score?

NHL Can’t Rush a Headshot Rule - PuckUpdate
So the NHL is trying to rush a headshot rule into production before the playoffs. It's important that the NHL protect its players but this really isn't the type of thing you want to rush into.

Ranking the NHL's Least Valuable Players - On the Forecheck
Debating MVP's is one thing, but which players have cost their teams the most this season?

When did fighting become wrestling? - The Hockey News
It seems as if some guys think landing on top of their opponent at the end means they get the ‘W,’ never mind how many jabs and uppercuts they sustained in the process.

Luck Of The Irish - Greatest Hockey Legends
A very rare St. Patrick's Day Maple Leafs jersey is worth $38,000!

Jersey Fouls: Borrowed Legends, Olympic fouls and Sea Bass - Puck Daddy
Another installment of the always-funny Jersey Fouls gives us Sabres fans something to be angry about. I have heard that the perpetrator of this jersey foul goes by the name @hockeybay on Twitter. I think Sabres fans should show him exactly what we think of him. I guess it's kind of flattering that someone could hate our team that much.