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Red Wings 3 Sabres 2: Sabres Rally But Fall in Overtime

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I'm writing this a full 12 hours after the game ended so I'll spare you the details of the game. This was a much more entertaining game than the loss to Minnesota on Friday night. The Red Wings were obviously a better team than the Wild and that led to a wide open game with chances at both ends of the rink.

It felt like this game could go either way and I had a good feeling about the Sabres were playing until Tyler Myers was sent to the box for clearing the puck over the glass. The Sabres matched the intensity of the Red Wings and they were able to generate some offensive chances.

I worried about the offense after the Sabres sent Mark Mancari back to Portland. I still don't understand the move and I wonder if another offensive minded player could have been the difference in the game. The Sabres created some chances but Jimmy Howard was just good enough and the Wings defense was physical in front of the net.

Jochen Hecht scored the Sabres two goals but Derek Roy was the best Sabre on the ice on Saturday. He created a number of offensive scoring chances and at times he did it by himself. I can't help but think that if there was another offensive minded player on that line instead of Kaleta, the game may have had a different outcome.

The Sabres did earn a point which allows them to create a little more space between themselves and the Senators.

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Final Thoughts
  • This was a much better hockey game than the game against Minnesota. The Red Wings play a much more wide open style than the Wild and it was evident in the number of offensive chances for both teams.
  • Does anyone else think the score would have been 7-6 if they didn't allow so much clutching and grabbing. There could have easily been 20 minors called on both teams but the refs allowed a lot hooking and holding infractions.
  • The line of Connolly-Pominville-Hecht looked good again. It has been awhile since they were noticeable on the ice but they played very well on Saturday.
  • Anyone else hate the rule about clearing the puck over the glass?
  • I think Ryan Miller would love to have those first two goals back. The Sabres would have won the game in regulation if not for two soft goals by the Wings.