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Daily Links for Wednesday, March 10

Yesterday we linked to an article from the NHL general managers meetings in Florida about changing the playoff system (to which those who responded were unanimously against) but today we're talking headshots, and we have a video of Darcy Regier (who is on the committee of eight GMs talking about the issue) after the break.

Stargazing - Defending Big D
Since we don't get to see the Dallas Stars much in these parts (fine with me - jerks) this article gives a nice dose of info about their last game against the Caps and some thoughts from various sources on how they're playing.

Lindy Ruff and Patrick Kaleta talk headshots, Vanek gets a maintenance day, and the team works on it's (recently) 1-for-31 power play.

Ruff Sees Team "turn The Corner" - WGR 550 SportsRadio
Coming off two much-needed victories that happened to need overtime, Lindy Ruff sees his Buffalo Sabres team putting good things together.

How NHL Rule Changes Are Made - From The Rink
With all the talk of rule changes (especially hits to the head) coming out of the GM meetings down in Florida, Mike Chen gives us an overview of the process.

GM committee frames plan to discipline head shots -
A committee of eight NHL general managers will recommend harsher penalties for head shots to the full group Wednesday.

Detroit Red Wings primed to make a move? - ESPN
In case you haven't noticed, the Detroit Red Wings are in 8th place in the West. Are the truly a playoff contender?

Edmonton Water Usage during the Gold Medal Game - Behind The Net
I know that most sports fans wait for a commercial or something to use the bathroom, but this chart is just ridiculous.