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Daily Links for Monday, March 1

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Congratulations to Canada for their 14 gold medals on home turf.
Congratulations to Canada for their 14 gold medals on home turf.

As disappointing and heartbreaking as yesterday's game was, I'm proud of Ryan Miller and Team USA for making it further than anyone realistically thought they would, and for Miller snagging a very deserving MVP award for the way he kept the US in every game they played - thanks for a great ride, boys. After the break I split things into US, Canada, and general links so you can avoid reading about one side or the other. Remember, it's trade season for the next two days so keep your browser glued to DBTB for up-to-the-minute coverage.

Yesterday's Game:
Canada defeats United States 3-2 -

Miller claims MVP, despite US golden OT loss - The Buffalo News
Ryan Miller could only do so much. Only a shot from Canada's favorite Kid 7:40 into OT during Sunday's gold-medal game kept him from carrying the United States to a perfect mark and the top spot on the Olympic podium.

Miller carries Team USA to superb Olympic tournament -
Olympic MVP Ryan Miller nearly carried the underdog United States team all the way to the gold medal.

Regier, NHL GMs have little time to shop - The Buffalo News
The NHL's Olympic roster freeze ended at midnight Sunday, giving general managers the green light to tinker with their personnel. The trade deadline is 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Team USA links:

Ryan Miller and Team USA come up just short -
Team USA's Ryan Miller talked with's John Dellapina just moments after a heartbreaking 3-2 overtime loss to Canada in the gold-medal game.

USA hockey players can't take solace in silver quite yet - Puck Daddy
It's the Olympic hockey equivalent of the walk of shame: The long, winding catacomb of barriers bringing players from the ice through the media to the locker room. On Saturday night, Slovakia made the walk; on Sunday, it was Team USA.

Miller backstops a nation as a hero of Buffalo - The Buffalo News
Although this was written prior to yesterday's game, it's still a nice reminder of how well Miller had played.

Ron Wilson: Best team doesn't always win gold -
Team USA coach Ron Wilson didn't pull any punches in Sunday's post-game press conference.

Ryan Kesler says U.S. team proved hockey 'not just Canada's game' - Sporting News
Center Ryan Kesler says Sunday's epic 3-2 overtime thriller made a statement even though the U.S. lost.

Team Canada Links:

Crosby's goal is 'so fitting' -
I know that most non-Penguins fans are sick of Crosby (myself included) but it was a rather poetic ending for Canada.

The party started with Crosby's goal - CTV
Long after the game was over, the crowd stood cheering. So did a nation. The Canadian men's hockey team's sudden-death victory over the United States had truly made these Canada's Golden Games.

Babcock's decision to play for the win pays off - TSN
In the aftermath of the gold-medal win, coach Mike Babcock said the Canadian team had a simple plan for the overtime period of Sunday's game against the United States: Go for the win.

Luongo now has proof that he's among the elite -
Do you agree with this article considering the way Luongo was giving up fat rebounds and juggling the puck yesterday?

General Links:

Scenes From the Upper Deck: Canada-U.S. -
Here's a real nice live blog of yesterday's game dealing with more than just the on-ice action from Luke Winn. Quality photos are excellent.

Canada v. United States Post-Game: Olympic Victory - The Copper & Blue
If you're realllly into analyzing the game, the Copper and Blue has a shift-by-shift analysis of yesterday's match.

USA, Canada give fans one of the best hockey games of all time - ESPN
After watching one of the greatest hockey games of all time, we could only ask one question: did it have to end?

Final thoughts on the Games - The Hockey News
Ken Campbell offers some closing thoughts on the Olympics.

Big beer bet for Obama, Harper on Olympic hockey - Sporting News
President Barack Obama had a case of Yuengling riding on the game, while Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wagered 24 bottles of Molson.