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Daily Links for Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7

The Sabres lost last night to another terrible team, but none of that matters because today is a day for caring only about football. Or, if you're not into football, commercials. So forget about the worst week of the season today and enjoy some chicken wing dip and beer while you watch football/advertising.

Shutout caps woeful week for Sabres - The Buffalo News
On back-to-back nights, the Buffalo Sabres have lost to the 15th-place team in the Eastern Conference and the 14th-place team in the West.

Sabres notebook: Lalime victimized by freaky bounce off glass - The Buffalo News
Lalime had some nice saves sprinkled in his 21 stops. There wasn't anything he could do on two, maybe three of the Columbus Blue Jackets' goals. But as for the first one? Killer.

Wants and Needs: Edmonton Oilers - The Goose's Roost
With every loss, my desire for this team to make a big trade increases. Another entry in the trade series by The Goose's Roost, this one takes a look at the struggling Oilers roster.

Ken Campbell's blog: Miller will be USA’s No. 1, play every game - The Hockey News
In case there was any doubt, it has been confirmed.

2007-2010 5v5 Tough Matchup Leaders - Behind The Net
Who has faced the toughest matchups over the last three seasons? Three Sabres make the list based on Corsi quality of competition stats.

Mainstream Morons - View From My Seats
Does it matter that the mainstream media had no idea what they’re talking about concerning hockey and the NHL?

Rarities, revelations and oddities - The Hockey News
A bunch of weird stuff for your brain to digest.