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Daily Links for Saturday, Feb. 27

Ryan Miller, seen here in practice jersey, is practicing the smile he'll have when the US team wins gold.
Ryan Miller, seen here in practice jersey, is practicing the smile he'll have when the US team wins gold.

In case you were living under a rock yesterday, team USA is playing Canada for the gold medal this Sunday! Ryan Miller's shutout streak continues (Tim Thomas let in the only Finnish goal) and the US scored six - count 'em, six! - goals in the first period. It's all Miller before the break, and please check back again before noon for more reactions to Canada's win, because I'm writing this right after the game has ended, and am off to bed after a long day.

Yesterday's Games:
United States blitzes Finalnd 6-1 -
Canada edges Slovakia 3-2 -

Today's Games:
Finland vs. Slovakia - 1:00pm - MSNBC, CTV - Bronze medal game

Spotlight shy Ryan Miller embraces hero, hockey salesman roles - Puck Daddy
Ryan Miller believes a goaltender's style is a window into his personality, which is why flamboyance has never exactly been a virtue in the Buffalo Sabres goalie's game.

Off the ice: Ryan Miller -
Ryan Miller stopped by to talk with about what turned out to be an easy 6-1 win for Team USA over Finland in the Olympic hockey semifinals.

Sabres enjoy Miller's ride through Olympics - The Buffalo News
The Sabres who are still in Buffalo are enjoying Ryan Miller's ascension to national celebrity status.

MSNBC gets pranked by fake Ryan Miller, offers on-air apology - Puck Daddy
Team USA goalie Ryan Miller(notes) has not, repeat, has not guaranteed a gold medal for his team. And MSNBC found that out the hard way tonight.

USA - Finland Links

Kane answers critics with big-game performance -
Patrick Kane was all over the ice Friday. He scored twice and skated hard as the U.S. advanced to the gold-medal game with a 6-1 win over Finland.

Guaranteed silver medal will help silence Ron Wilson's critics - ESPN
Ron Wilson says he doesn't need a medal at the Games to justify his career, but the Americans' guaranteed silver will at least silence some critics when he returns to the NHL.

Kiprusoff gaffe opens opportunity for 30-year miracle - The Hockey News
The traditional gift for a 30th anniversary is pearl, but the Americans are chasing gold thanks in large part to a gift they received from Miikka Kiprusoff.

Finland players in shock at disastrous outcome -
Finland players have no answers for their disastrous play in their Olympic semifinal loss to the U.S.

Canada - Slovakia Links

Ruff working hard but having time of his life - The Buffalo News
Lindy Ruff was having the time of his life during the 2010 Winter Olympics even though it has been more work than play as an assistant coach for Canada.

Babcock shakes Canadian tree, roles fall out - Sporting News
Finding the right way to maximize his players' strengths has been a challenge for Mike Babcock.

Slovakia nearly pulls off another stunner -
The Cinderella story of the Olympic hockey tournament is no more.

Why Canada wants the U.S. to lose and lose badly - Justin Bourne
Justin Bourne explains why he "wants Finland to play like the wood chipper in the movie Fargo against the Americans." Well too bad Justin! However, this is a great article on why Canadians hate American hockey and vice versa.

Everything Else

NHL team-by-team breakdown of Gold Medal finalists -
Which team has the most potential gold medalists?

These 11 Olympians have been pleasant surprises - looks at 11 players who have been very pleasant surprises during the 2010 Winter Olympics.