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DBTB Exclusive: Ryan Miller Cover Story

Ryan Miller on the cover of Your Lifestyle Fitted, courtesy of New Era Caps.
Ryan Miller on the cover of Your Lifestyle Fitted, courtesy of New Era Caps.

In a rare treat for us, we get a chance to break some news today: ubiquitous hat company New Era Caps has started a digital magazine called "Your Lifestyle Fitted" that features interviews and human interest stories with various celebrities and sports figures, and we've just learned that Ryan Miller will be the cover boy for their latest issue.

We've also been offered the opportunity to give Die By the Blade readers the exclusive first look at the cover and the story itself, which deals with Miller's family life, charitable endeavors, and road to the Olympics. As a special bonus for Buffalonians, there's also an article in the magazine about Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac and his Music Is Art non-profit organization, which is based in Buffalo.

For those who've never read a digital magazine, it's essentially a regular magazine that you read online and that contains interactive links and video within its pages. Clicking the link below will take you to a page where you can launch the magazine in a new window, but be warned that the story has auto-loading video if you're reading at work. We hope you enjoy, and we want to offer special thanks to our friend Marc Sausa and the New Era Caps company for this unique opportunity.

Click here to travel to and check out the magazine.