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Daily Links for Tuesday, Feb. 23

Ryan Millercle himself.
Ryan Millercle himself.

Hopefully you're not sick of hockey yet, because we have four games today, even more USA/Canada talk, and the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice was yesterday, so we have some links to cover that. Read away!

Today's Games:
Switzerland vs. Belarus - 3:00pm - USA
Canada vs. Germany - 7:30pm - CNBC, CTV
Czech Republic vs. Latvia - 10:00pm - CNBC, TSN
Slovakia vs. Norway - 11:55pm - CNBC, CTV

Olympic Hockey Bracket, Seeds - SB Nation
Here's a list of the seeds for the medal round as well as the schedule. The USA has earned the #1 spot.

Miller, Team USA produce hockey blight in Canada - The Buffalo News
The Americans didn't believe in miracles. They just believed. And they pulled off the biggest Olympic hockey upset since the 1980 Miracle on Ice, stunning Canada, 5-3.

Ryan Miller of Team USA will never be Jim Craig of Miracle on Ice -
Michael Farber tells everyone to hit the breaks on all the hyperbole surrounding the US win over Canada.

The team website steals an article from about the awesomeness of Ryan Miller.

Do you believe in Millercles? - Buffalo Sports Daily
Joe Pinzone gives his thoughts on Ryan Miller's performance and how the NHL and the Sabres can take advantage of such a great game.

10 interesting facts you may not know about 1980 Miracle on Ice -
After re-watching the entire broadcast of the Miracle on Ice, Joe Posnanski gives us some interesting tidbits about the broadcast rather than the game.

A significant loss in more ways than one - TSN
Canada's loss is a significant one. Not just for the fact that they will play a qualification game tomorrow but that Canada was outplayed in the net, says Bob McKenzie.

Luongo to start for Canada against Germany - TSN
Roberto Luongo will be in net for Canada Tuesday when they face Germany in their qualification round game.

Martin Brodeur may not be right man to play goal for Canada - ESPN
After losing to the Americans on Sunday, it's time for Canada coach Mike Babcock to make the tough but right decision: bench Martin Brodeur for Roberto Luongo.

The Relationship Between Outshooting and Outscoring over Time - Objective NHL
Dave linked this in a Fanshot yesterday, but I'm re-linking it for two reasons: because it's a really cool, short article about Corsi numbers, and because the writers of DBTB are going to start posting more stuff in the Fanpost and Fanshot section for smaller stuff, and we want to encourage you guys to post more Fanposts and Fanshots too - after all, you're the reason this site exists!