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Do You Believe in Millercles?

You may have noticed a link in the left sidebar that directs you to the Die by the Blade apparel store. The store has been live for a coupe of days but we never formally introduced it. Allow me to use today as the day we make a formal introduction and announce a couple of new designs.

Here in Buffalo we have been well aware of the all-world play of Ryan Miller but last night the entire world took notice. Miller was outstanding, making 42 saves in the United States 5-3 victory over Canada. Nobody gave the Americans much of an opportunity to beat Canada but now USA is the number one seed of the 12 teams in the tournament.

I have included the new designs below or you can view the entire store here. We are always looking for new designs and would love some suggestions from you. If you have a design idea and we use it in the store we will supply you with a t-shirt with your design on it.

The first new shirt is a tribute to Ryan Miller and the second a tribute to the huge upset of Canada.




The second shirt is not meant to disrespect Canada in anyway but instead it is meant as a tribute to Canada who we feel are the better hockey country. It is a way for us Americans to enjoy the moment for as long as possible since we always feel like the less talented little brother when it comes to hockey. Not quite David vs. Goliath but a big day for American hockey.