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Daily Links for Monday, Feb. 22

Smile all you want, Mr. Miller. You just showed the world how good you are.
Smile all you want, Mr. Miller. You just showed the world how good you are.

What a great night for hockey last night. An excellent Russia-Czech Republic game, and then a USA-Canada game that reminded everybody watching why we love to watch hockey. And, as a bonus for us Sabres fans, Ryan Miller was fantastic. Read all about it both before and after the break!

Yesterday's Games:
United States stuns Canada 5-3 -
Russia takes down Czech Republic 4-2 -
Sweden shuts out Finland 3-0 -

Today's Games: None - take a break!

Miller upstages Brodeur in U.S victory - CTV
Martin Brodeur may be the most accomplished goaltender in NHL history in some eyes, but last night against the United States he was undoubtedly the second-best goaltender.

USA-Canada Hockey Live Blog -'s hockey writer Allan Muir provides real-time nuggets from Team USA's surprising 5-3 victory over Team Canada in the preliminary rounds.

U.S.-Canada Produces No Miracle, Just a Classic - Sporting News
"This has been tremendously tremendous," NBC color commentator Ed Olczyk said, and absurd as it sounds, no one would have disagreed. Well, no one south of the U.S. border, at least.

Hockey hate-fest: Canada doesn't mind U.S. players' dislike - Puck Daddy
In speaking with the players ahead of the Canada vs. U.S. grudge match on Sunday, it became clear that one side is a bit passionate about its feelings for the other.

Ovechkin earns gold for open-ice Jagr destruction; was it legal? - Puck Daddy
Alex Ovechkin absolutely crushed Jaromir Jagr yesterday in a game changing hit.

Alexander Ovechkin haunts Canada's Olympic hockey dreams -
With a potential Canada-Russia quarterfinal match coming soon, does the host nation stand a chance against Ovie?

Would a "Rest of the World" All-Star Team be competitive in the Olympics? - Behind The Net
If you pooled every country that didn't make the Olympic hockey tournament together, what sort of team would you end up with?