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Ryan Miller Shows the World What We Already Know: USA Beats Canada 5-3

There was so much hype leading up to this game tonight, including a great tribute to the 1980 Miracle on Ice on NBC earlier this afternoon. I couldn't help but wonder if the game would live up to the hype it was getting and it didn't let down.

Canada was clearly the more talented hockey team but Ryan Miller was clearly the best player on the ice. Miller played like we have all seen him play before and the United States now find themselves in a great position to medal after beating Canada 5-3.

I don't want to bore you with details of the actual game because it is impossible to accurately describe the level of competition and the determination we seen on the ice tonight. If you did not watch the game tonight...then shame on you. If you are a hockey fan and you did not watch the game, I don't even know what to say to you.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how good Brian Rafalski played (2 goals and just generally very good in both ends of the rink) and how Chris Drury is proving me wrong for questioning his spot on the team. I still have no regrets the Sabres lost Drury but he was amazing tonight. Even if he hadn't scored a goal I would be complimenting his play. He was one of the most visible players on the ice for either team and his leadership was noticeable. It was great to see him and Miller share a big hug when the final horn sounded.

Many people are saying this was the greatest game they ever seen. Personally I'm not willing to go that far but what do you think?

Follow the jump for a couple more notes on the game.

What is more shocking than the United States upset victory of Canada is what this means for the rest of the tournament. The loss by Canada sets up a quarter-final matchup that will feature Canada versus Russia. Coming into the tournament they were expected to be the top two candidates to take home the Gold Medal and now one of the two will not even make the semi-finals. Consider me to be the most shocked at that development.

The United States will be anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Finland-Sweden game this evening to find out if the will be the number one or number two seed heading forward. The number one seed will have a much easier time because they will face the winner of Switzerland and Belarus while the number two seed will probably have to play against a difficult Slovakian team.