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USA vs. Canada [Game Thread]



United States (2-0-0-0, 6PTS)

Canada Place - 7:30 PM EST - Vancouver, BC

Canada (1-1-0-0, 0PTS)


This is the official Die by the Blade game thread for the United States first game of the Olympic tournament. There will also be a ggame thread at SB that you can visit.

It's finally here. The game we have all been waiting for since the Sabres took care of San Jose over a week ago. The United States and Ryan Miller will take on Canada with Lindy Ruff behind the bench assisting Mike Babcock (Detroit Red Wings).

I don't think anyone expected the United States would be the team coming in with six points and Canada with only five (I epected they would both have six). Miller is the key to the game for the United States, he has been untested in his two games but tonight he will have to be the Ryan Miller we seen through the first four months of the seasons.