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Daily Links for Monday, Feb. 15

"I would like nothing more than for people to start getting excited about Olympic hockey on my special day." - George Washington, 1780.

It is in that presidential spirit that we bring you the start of our Olympic hockey coverage here on the Links. Recaps and the most interesting news will take place before the break, and other relevant news will come after. Of course, if there's any breaking Sabres news or big NHL news we'll have that too, but for the next 10 days or so it'll be mostly Olympic news. The first round of games happens tomorrow - so let's spend today getting familiar with the teams.

Scouting reports on all 12 men's Winter Olympics hockey teams -
Allan Muir gives a short look at the 12 teams' strengths, weaknesses and bottom-line outlook in Vancouver.

2010 Olympics blog -'s official blog has about 5 full hours of reading material in case you want to avoid working.

Sabres Edge: Lindy knows heat is on Canada
Lindy Ruff and his Olympic-bound players took off for Vancouver Sunday morning. And while Ryan Miller is the key guy for a U.S. team forecast by many to not be a medal contender, Ruff is an assistant coach of a team expected to be in the hunt for gold.

Mental rest on Sabres' minds at Olympic break - The Buffalo News
The getaway process was rapid. Bags were filled and sticks bundled so quickly that echoes of fans' applause were still carrying through the HSBC Arena hallways.

Opening Ceremony Hockey Highlights - From The Rink
How were hockey players involved in the Olympic opening ceremonies? Once you see Jaromir Jagr's pants, you won't forget them.

Ex Factors: The former NHLers we’re thrilled to see in Olympics - Puck Daddy
Puck Daddy takes a look at some of the more fascinating former-NHL names in the tournament .

Brian Burke: 'My team needs me to be strong' -
Brian Burke was in rare form. And then, he was in the form that few ever see. Few, that is, other than the sons and daughters he fiercely loves.

Colbert Unveils His Official Olympic Poster - Comedy Central Insider Blog
Recently Stephen Colbert revealed The Colbert Report's official poster for the Vancouver Olympics, created by Shepard Fairey. Colbert will be reporting for NBC at the games, and has been a champion of the US Men's Speed Skating team.