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Daily Links for Friday, Feb. 12

Happy Friday everyone! The Sabres lost again last night, but it's getting continually more depressing to talk about, so what else is new? The Olympics are, that's what! The 21st Winter Olympic Games from Vancouver start tonight at 7:30pm with the Opening Ceremonies. I have no idea how they're going to top the unbelievable opening ceremony from Beijing in 2008 but it should be fun to watch them try!

Allow me to indulge my inner music teacher for a sec to talk about the Olympic music, because I always get chills when I hear it. The piece most people know as the Olympic Theme (the one with the big timpani solo) was not written by John Williams, as is commonly believed. It is a piece titled Bugler's Dream and was composed by Leo Arnaud in 1958. Williams, however, did write another famous Olympic tune called Olympic Fanfare and Theme in 1984 for the Los Angeles games - NBC uses both in its coverage. In the video below, the piece opens with Arnaud's Bugler's Dream and cuts to Williams' Olympic Fanfare and Theme at the 00:46 mark. So now you can impress all your friends with your musical knowledge and get yourself in the Olympic spirit - don't say I never did nothin' for you. Plenty of NHL trade talk after the break, and plenty of Olympic links coming after Saturday's loss game.

Miller has his say - Sabres Edge
Aside from the annoying guy breathing into the mic, this is a pretty honest and angry interview with Ryan Miller. "We gotta stop playing like fragile little kids out there." Yes, please.

More Vanek would quell panic - The Hockey News
I think we all agree that it would.

Panthers' Dominic Moore traded to Montreal for 2011 second-round pick - Litter Box Cats
Does this deal sound familiar to anybody else?

Kari Lehtonen Traded To Dallas: Avoiding The Knee-Jerk Reaction - Defending Big D
Brandon over at Defending Big D gives a lengthy breakdown on the recent trade of Keri Lehtonen to the Stars and what it means for Marty Turco.

Randy Sexton Talks Again: No Panther Off Limits - On Frozen Pond
Is there anybody you'd like on the Florida Panthers? Because apparently everyone is up for trades.

Reviewing the Edmonton Trade Rumors - The Copper & Blue
Edmonton is in a free fall and the trade rumors vultures are circling. Any of these guys pique your interest?

Harlem Globetrotters leave the hardwood, hit the ice - Puck Daddy
Following the trend of taking indoor sports outdoors are the Harlem Globetrotters. Yesterday, in front of 500 local New York City students, the Globetrotters defeated the Washington Generals 32-15 at Central Park's Lasker Rink.