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Daily Links for Wednesday, Feb. 10

Well, at least they played harder....but we still couldn't pull off the win. I guess next game we'll need more than 40-some shots, huh?

Bruins edge Sabres in shootout 3-2 - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Bruins win back-to-back games as they edge the Sabres 3-2 in a shootout.

Sabres Edge: Tyler Myers update
He will be OK - now just back away from the ledge....

Energized Adam keeps going (and going) -
Big and strong on the puck, Luke Adam has often looked like a man amongst boys since returning from the World Junior Championships. Remind you of any other Sabres rookies? I'm really starting to get excited about this guy, who is closing in on Sidney Crosby's QMJHL record of 14 straight games with a goal.

Better Know A Winter Olympics Sport: Hockey, The Game That's Not For Amateurs - SB Nation
If you need a basic primer on the format, schedule, and rules of Olympic hockey, SB NAtion has a nice summary.

Bruins doubting Thomas? - Ottawa Sun
The Bruins might be on the verge of trying to deal Vezina Trophy winner Tim Thomas.

50,000 Snookies or 1 Kovalchuk? - From The Rink
Now that Ilya Kovalchuk turned down a $101 million extension, the Atlanta Thrashers have money to spend. What are some creative ways to blow that kind of cash?