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Daily Links for Tuesday, Dec. 14

I believe the kids would call this picture Crosby "getting smoked" by Weber.
I believe the kids would call this picture Crosby "getting smoked" by Weber.


Stafford, Connolly look set to return - Sabres Edge
Barring any setbacks Tuesday, it's looking like Tim Connolly and Drew Stafford will get the go-ahead to play Wednesday night against Boston. Rob Niedermayer is not far behind. All three practiced hard Monday and got through the team's hour-long workout in HSBC Arena.

Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff put the team through a physical practice on Monday at HSBC Arena.

Vulgar Statistics: Correlation, Overtime Wins vs. Overall Talent - Black & Blue & Gold
Is it true that if a team has a high number of overtime or shootout wins, it indicates that there is a lack of talent on that particular team because they can’t close out games in regulation? B&B&G investigates.

Toronto Fans Throw Waffles at Players - Crossing Broad
Move over, batteries. Last night, Canadians introduced us to a new projectile weapon: Waffles.

Vezina Trophy Watch: Where is Roberto Luongo? - THN
In our monthly rundown of the best goaltenders in the league this season, we compare Roberto Luongo's career to other netminders in the top 30 in wins all-time, but it's Tim Thomas on top once again. No Ryan Miller to be found.

Dreger: Boudreau isn't losing sleep over job speculation - TSN
Job security has never been a source of comfort for NHL head coaches. Washington's Bruce Boudreau knows that and isn't losing any sleep over speculation his job is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the vultures continue to circle in Calgary where the Flames started this day in last place in the Western Conference.

Five Things: Omark spins, Caps keep losing - ESPN
Just asking, but what is worse, the guy who plows straight ahead on a shootout and fires high and wide or into a goalie's pads?

Pass or Fail: Are Florida Everblades' holiday jerseys worst of 2010? - Puck Daddy
Good Lord, this jersey is horrendous.