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Sabres Offensive Output Needs To Come From Somewhere

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The Buffalo Sabres are suffering through something that has plagued them all season, a lack of consistent scoring. In some cases, the team can put up five or more goals like they did against the Blue Jackets and Sharks, but more often than not they score two or less like they have in the other three games they have played this month. While Ryan Miller is coming back into form after starting the season slowly, a team can't expect to win games consistently when only putting up two or less a night. 

Players like Thomas Vanek and Derek Roy and the entire defensive corps can be exempted from this conversation. Vanek leads the team with 13 and Roy has 9 and was the team's lone scorer for a while to start the season. The defensive corps has a total of 16 goals from four of the eight playing defensemen. For a while, that group was leading team defensive output. 

Other players need to step up and find their games though. Jason Pominville is on pace for his lowest goal output as a Sabres player. He has 4 goals in 21 games and has missed some time this season with concussion issues but he has to be find the back of the net more often if the team is going to find some success. 

Nathan Gerbe is another player that needs to find his game again if he is going to become a full fledged NHL player anytime soon. For his season, he has no goals and five assists in 20 games and a total of 2 goals in 40 career NHL games. This for a player that scored 30 goals in 57 games during his rookie season with the Portland Pirates. Lindy Ruff tried moving Gerbe to the top line with Roy and Vanek to see if there could be a spark in production five games ago. In those five game, Gerbe has 2 assists and 10 shots. At this point in Gerbe's career, he may very well need another go around in the AHL to find what has plagued his game in the NHL.

With games against Boston and Florida this week, two teams in the top ten of goals against/game, finding offense may be just as difficult to try and get more wins.