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Who Is The Clutch Player For The Sabres Thus Far This Season?

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Thinking that some of the players on the Buffalo Sabres being clutch is a humorous thought with only four wins on the season. There have been some clutch moments in this young season though and some players seem to come through in the moment more than others. 

To determine how clutch a player is, we will determine give each goal a weight based on when it was scored and what the score was at the time of the score. Goals scored when the score is two or more goals aren't counted because they really don't show how a player reacts in a tight game. The weighted chart is below:

Using this weighting system, adapted from the same idea from NLL Insider, take a look at the players that have shown their awareness in tight games:

Player Points
Derek Roy 10
Tyler Myers 5.5
Drew Stafford 4
Tim Connolly 4
Tyler Ennis 3.5
Jordon Leopold 3
Steve Montador 3
Jochen Hecht 3
Mike Grier 2.5
Thomas Vanek 2

What this chart shows is that there has been a lot of chances for players to be clutch players, scoring game winning or game tying goals as the game goes on. Derek Roy has been the player the Sabres have wanted to have the puck on his stick thanks to a game tying goal against the Atlanta Thrashers and the game winning goal against the Ottawa Senators.

It also shows that there really isn't a player to rely on thus far in the season to score that goal that needs to be scored. While Roy has scored some close goals, other well paid offensive players are almost non-existent such as Thomas Vanek. Vanek was always thought to be the player that would score the goals that needed to be scored but has yet to produce that this season.

Next week, we will take a look at the leaders around the league.