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Daily Links for Monday, Nov. 8

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The other night I had a dream that laid out the exact way the 2010-11 Buffalo Sabres season will play out: this team is just like the Cleveland Indians from the 1989 movie Major League. Hear me out, folks:

Craig Rivet as Jake Taylor - The grizzled veteran in it for one more season; has a bum shoulder.
Tyler Myers as Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn - The struggling young gun whose shots are so far wide of the net he knocks his own teammates out. "Juuuuuuust a bit outside!"
Tim Connolly as Roger Dorn - The overpaid star who refuses to work hard or sacrifice his body; seems like a jerk.
Tyler Ennis as Willie Mays Hayes - The speedster; skates like Mays, shoots like Hayes.
Thomas Vanek as Pedro Cerrano - They're both really hard on themselves; Vanek should start praying to Jobu.
Lindy Ruff as Lou Brown - The wise old manager; should have been a farmer.
Tom Golisano as Rachel Phelps - The cold-hearted-but-sexy owner who's only in it for the money. He fits all criteria.
Rick Jeanerette as Bob Eucker - The often drunk, always homer-rific announcer.

Tune in tomorrow for the first installment of what I'm calling a "dramatic prediction" of how the rest of the year will play out!

Vulgar Statistics: Production vs. Pay - Black & Blue & Gold
A really interesting take on what players are "worth their salary."

“Cleared But Not Out”: Welcome To The Bottom, Sabres - Buffalo Sports Daily
Written before our "big win" in Toronto, it's still a good summary of exactly what's gone wrong so far.

A different arena - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Sabres and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, two beloved local institutions that couldn't seem more different on the surface, share a common bloodline. Now, in an unconventional exhibition, the two institutions are collaborating to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the franchise's hard-won entry into the NHL.

GM meetings look at NHL's pest control for warmups, trash talk - Puck Daddy
On the docket of the NHL's general managers' meetings will be a discussion about confrontations in warmups and the overall on-ice behavior of pests.

Taylor Hall blog creating sparks - The Globe and Mail
Controversial CBC blog on new Oilers’ demands for Kevin Lowe’s jersey number creates storm of controversy on public broadcaster’s website.

What about 'Bob' for the NHL rookie race? -
Kevin Allen ranks the rookies after one month. No Tyler Ennis here, even though he's second in points.

When it comes to prospects, size still matters - THN
In ranking prospects for the NHL, their size or lack thereof is still a key component and you don't have to look far for proof.