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Daily Links for Saturday, Nov. 6

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Kaleta without a helmet looks like he's 17 years old.
Kaleta without a helmet looks like he's 17 years old.

I have a theory about this season - a theory that I'll share with you soon when I'm not writing this at 11pm on Friday night.

Grier provides a new scoring source - The Buffalo News
The Buffalo Sabres haven't gotten many goals outside of their top six forwards and coach Lindy Ruff knows that needs to change.

Sabres GM Stressing Patience - WGR 550
Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier sat down with Schopp and the Bulldog before Fridays game against Montreal to discuss the team's current situation.

Sabres vs Habs Musings - Shots off the Crossbar
Here's the best Sabres/monkey/pig analogy I've seen this season.

Yearbook Retrospective: Craig Rivet and Tyler Myers - The Willful Caboose
This post is the second in a series of posts dedicated to studying the roster photos of the Sabres in an effort to figure out why they can’t play hockey anymore.

End of the line for Lindy Ruff in Buffalo? - The Globe and Mail
The Hockey Roundtable on the current struggles of the Sabres' coach.

Wheels in motion for new deal for Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos - St. Petersburg Times
Lightning GM Steve Yzerman was expected Thursday to speak to the agent for Steven Stamkos about starting negotiations on a contract extension for the star center.

Bourne Blog: Duncan Keith on turnover in Chicago, cabbin' it with Kane and Coach Q's 'stache - Puck Daddy
Duncan Keith talks with Justin Bourne about the changes for this season and how much free beer he gets in Chicago.

Dreger: Several topics set to be discussed at NHL GM meeting - TSN
Darren Dreger breaks down several interesting topics expected to be discussed by NHL GMs on Tuesday in Toronto, including how the new blindside head-hit rule is working, the possibility of automatic suspension for physical contact in the pre-game warmup, and Dale Tallon's proposal for a "coach's challenge".

Jersey Fouls: Creepy Iginla sweater, movie Fouls and poor spelling - Puck Daddy
Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition.