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Daily Links for Friday, Nov. 5

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Happy Friday everyone, or at least it will be one of these Fridays. The Sabres try their (bad) luck against Montreal tonight. 

Miller's Been Hurt Since Camp - WGR 550
Does anyone else think the fact that these guys would rather play the entire season hurt rather than take 2 weeks to heal completely ridiculous? Also that we're finding this out now?

Connolly bears brunt of fan frustration - The Buffalo News
It was a brutal team effort but the fans in HSBC Arena clearly targeted their venom Wednesday night on Buffalo Sabres center Tim Connolly.

Lindy: Team hasn't tuned me out - Sabres Edge
O rly?

A View From the Roost: Hope is Irrational - The Goose's Roost
It was like a bad horror movie: You knew what was coming and it wasn't entertaining at all.

Roll the Highlight Film - The Breaking Point
It's clear that this is a majority opinion - that Sabre fans are at their breaking point. That breaking point came in the third period last night, when Tim Connolly, he of the two turnovers that led to two backbreaking shorthanded goals last night as well as eleventy billion other giveaways, was actively booed by the HSBC Arena crowd every time he touched the puck.

Is The Time Right To Deal Tim Thomas? - Stanley Cup of Chowder
I like Tim Thomas. You like Tim Thomas. And I really like the cyborg in goal wearing the #30 jersey right now. That's why it's hard for me to say this: now might be a good time to trade him.

The Trap Isn't Entertaining? I Disagree - Blackhawks Down Low
How could the trap possibly be entertaining? The trap causes mistakes. Mistakes lead to things like big open ice hits (*COUGH* Scott Stevens ending Eric Lindros' career anyone? *COUGH*) and turnovers that lead to odd-man rushes. Big hits lead to fights, more big hits, power plays, etc. Odd-man rushes lead to goals, big saves, quick transition games, etc.

The 23 Best NHL Players Earning Less Than $1 Million - Business Insider
Which hockey players deliver the most bang for the buck?