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Enhancing Your Experience: Avoiding The Worst Type Of Fan

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In this week's installment of enhancing your experience, we take a look at the fans at the arena that we want to avoid at all cost. These are the people that bug us while we watch the game on television or try to enjoy the game at the arena. When you see them, avoid at all cost:

The Cell Phone Guy

We have all seen this guy on TV, trying to mug for his fifteen seconds of fame as he stands up talking his buddy at home trying to find him on TV. He bugs the people behind him because he blocks the ice in the middle of play and he bugs people watching it on TV because he's just plain annoying. 

If any of you who are reading this are that person, I have one favor to ask, please stop. You aren't that special and we can't really figure out who you are anyways.

The Guy Who Yells Shoot All The Time

We have all been there before at a game. The Sabres go on the power play and pass the puck continually to the point of frustration. Which at that point, you feel compelled to yell shoot. It happens, we've all been there. Please don't be the person that yells shoot as soon as a Sabres player touches the puck though. Don't you think that the players on the ice know a better time to shoot than you do?

The Guy Who Consistently Gets Up In The Middle Of The Game

This is a personal pet peeve of mine because I hate having to stand up to let people through. Its not pleasant and I'm really trying to watch the game. Most arenas are good about making people wait until a stoppage to let people through, but even then sometimes play has started by the time the guy has made it to his row. It would be nice if all people could wait until intermission to conduct their business but I'm aware its not always the case. 

Blackberry Guy

This happens more in the lower levels of the arena, but they are annoying nonetheless. Instead of paying attention to the game that is in front of them, they pay more attention to their Blackberries or the drink they have in their hand. It is an epidemic that has started to infiltrate the HSBC Arena more and more in the last few seasons and it is really a shame. It is also the reason that fans aren't cheering or the intensity isn't there from the crowd. These are also the same people who leave with five minutes to go in the game when the home team is up by three goals. 

These are a handful of fans that will make your game experience if you stay away from. Let me know though if I missed any in the comments.