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Daily Links for Tuesday, Nov. 30

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Hal Gill loses this game of musical chairs.
Hal Gill loses this game of musical chairs.

More thumb-twiddling time between now and Friday! Enjoy!

Kaleta missing as Sabres return to the ice - Sabres Edge
Kaleta is not on the ice as the Sabres open practice yesterday in HSBC Arena. Also missing, as expected, are the injured Tim Connolly and Rob Niedermayer.

Four Sabres Prospects Named To Canada Selection Camp Roster - WGR 550
Buffalo Sabres prospects Zack Kassian, Mark Pysyk, Brayden McNabb and Marcus Foligno have been named to the Canada National Junior Team Selection Camp Roster.

Mixed Results and Who to Root For - Shutdown Pair
The rest of the league will catch up to the Sabres in games played during this break, to an extent. Here’s who to root against until Friday.

Vulgar Statistics: Is the Top Line Consistent? - Black & Blue & Gold
Alex crunches the numbers to see if the top line is the cause of our struggles.

Bruins Face a Significant Cap Decision - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Thoughts on how the Bruins might navigate a tricky cap situation.

Why Eric Staal will be a 2011 NHL All-Star Game captain - Puck Daddy
Does it have to be Crosby vs. Ovechkin?

Bloodsport: 17 of the NHL’s Bloodiest Battles -

If you’re the type that feels ill upon seeing blood, you may want to skip this post entirely. 

What The Hell Are The Columbus Blue Jackets Thinking? -
The new Blue Jackets mascot looks like any number of inappropriate things. You be the judge.