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Buffalo Lays Another Egg At Home Against Boston

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The Buffalo Sabres still haven't won at home as they lost to the Boston Bruins 5-2. The same things can be said about this game as has been said about every other Sabres loss: the special teams hurt the team; the team was outworked off the puck; they made stupid mistakes that cost them. 

The Boston Bruins scored two shorthanded goals in the first period which proved to be the death knell for the Sabres as the first goal was scored on a breakaway by Brad Marchand and the second was shot from the slot by Patrice Bergeron. The Bruins ended up with another goal in the first period from Blake Wheeler, which was the end of the night for goaltender Jhonas Enroth

The second period saw Michael Ryder score the Bruins fourth goal from an odd angle on new goaltender Patrick Lalime and also saw the Sabres first goal of the night on the power play from Drew Stafford. At the end of the period, Milan Lucic and Patrick Kaleta were going at each other and Kaleta ended up getting the short end of the stick with the roughing and game misconduct for essentially taking a punch. 

Finally, the third period saw the second Sabres goal from Andrej Sekera, his first of the year and an empty net goal from Lucic. The highlights of the game are below:

Our thoughts on the game after the jump.

The Sabres may have very well hit rock bottom with this game. Everything seemed to go wrong for the Sabres in the first period. They were outclassed and outchanced at every point and it showed on the scoreboard. Jhonas Enroth was hung out to dry for the game and was mercifully pulled to start the second period. He looked alright for the saves that he was able to make, although there were a lot of rebounds coming off his pads. With Miller being day-to-day, time will tell if Enroth will get another shot. 

Dave mentioned this fact on the radio show on Tuesday and it has seemed to be correct in that Patrick Kaleta can not get the benefit of the doubt at this point in the season. His game misconduct was taken after he took a punch in the nose from Lucic. Here is the video:

The Sabres have another chance to break the home curse against the Montreal Canadiens on Friday night. 

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