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When There's Smoke, There's Fire: Is Tom Golisano Ready To Sell The Sabres

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Buffalo Sabres owner, Tom Golisano.
Buffalo Sabres owner, Tom Golisano.

Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe had a quick blurb in his Sunday column about rumors that Tom Golisano is looking to sell the Buffalo Sabres. Here is the piece from Dupont:

Getting vibes once again that Sabres owner Tom Golisano is poking around for a prospective buyer for his Lake Erie stick carriers...But the key name to keep in mind if this heats up: Terry Pegula. He's the guy who forked over the $88 million gift for Penn State to build a rink and fund scholarships for Division 1 hockey. Pegula's wife, Kim, is from suburban Buffalo, a good sign for the locals. No one ever wants to leave the Buff.

When there is smoke, there is usually fire when it comes to these things. It's also not like we haven't heard these rumors before, Jim Kelley reported rumors in 2008 and another set of rumors came up again six months later. No owner is expected to hold onto a team forever and we as fans can only hope that as teams change hands, they stay in the same place.

The question may be, who is Terry Pegula? Pegula is the CEO of East Resources, Inc., a natural gas drilling company located in Pennsylvania. He is most recently well known in the hockey community as the man that started Penn State's Division 1 hockey team with his $88 million contribution to build a state of the art arena. He enjoys hockey and has the money to own a hockey team. That can't be a terrible thing for Sabres fans right?