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Daily Links for Saturday, Nov. 27

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Mike Grier is having a GREAT time hitting Phil Kessel.
Mike Grier is having a GREAT time hitting Phil Kessel.

Hope you an yours had a happy Thanksgiving, and/or Black Friday! Buffalo plays again tonight at 7pm against Montreal.

Sabres GM Regier Addresses Player Conduct - WGR 550
Sabres General Manager Darcy Regier joined Schopp & the Bulldog Friday evening before the team's game against Toronto, and he quickly dispelled any lingering thought on the matter.

Trending Topics: Sabres beat writer disparages Twitter's good name - Puck Daddy
Ryan Lambert weighs in on Vogl-gate.

Enroth back to Portland; again… - Maine Hockey Journal
In case you don't know, now you know.

Goaltending is not the problem… - Two Minutes for Roughing
Written after the Penguins game, but there's some scary looking stats here. 

Senators missing the mark - The Globe and Mail
Ottawa fans still waiting for Clouston’s squad to rebound after unimpressive start.

Our top 10 surprises so far this season - ESPN
Steven Stamkos is the story of the opening quarter pole. The goal-a-game wunderkind has become an inspiring model of what hard work and dedication, co

Bourne Blog: How players sacrifice the holidays for hockey - Puck Daddy
Justin Bourne explains how players sacrifice during the holidays for their profession.