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Daily Links for Wednesday, Nov. 24

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Thomas Vanek is thankful for scoring goals. So are we.
Thomas Vanek is thankful for scoring goals. So are we.

Hey folks, let me be the first (a la Chris Berman) to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, as there will be no Links tomorrow (don't worry, we'll still have something to fill the Sabres void in your life.) Hope you and yours get to spend some quality family time together, and I hope you fall asleep on the couch watching football with a beer in your hand, as God intended.

Roy, Ruff deny rumor of Connolly getting punched - Sabres Edge
Didn't happen, folks. Also, John Vogl hates Twitter.

What We’ve Learned Today - Shots off the Crossbar
Is it depressing that most fans wish Roy had actually punched Connolly?

Lindy Ruff Upset With Team; Watch Practice Tirade - WGRZ
Ruff threw a stick across the ice and screamed at his players during a Tuesday afternoon practice at HSBC Arena. He was upset with the way they went through a power play drill. You can watch the video here.

Injury bug is quickly spreading - The Buffalo News
Injuries turned the Buffalo Sabres' practice Monday into a mixture of musical chairs and Where's Waldo?

Episode 21 - Sabres Season Improving And Millers Hurt Again - Blog Talk Radio
Join Dave and Zach as we discuss the week that was with the Buffalo Sabres and how Ryan Millers groin injury could affect this team going forward.

Shot blocking on the rise - The Globe and Mail
Numbers are up for players getting down in front of big shots.

Bourne Blog: What it feels like to get absolutely drilled by a check - Puck Daddy
Justin Bourne tells you what goes through your mind and body after getting rocked by a big hit.

Just the numbers for those short of patience - ESPN
John Buccigross takes a look at some numbers around the league this season for those without the energy or patience to digest his inane observations.

Panthers looking to recapture lost magic - THN
Early on in its existence, the Florida franchise was filled with promise, but none of it ever came to be and the team is still searching for glory.