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Patrick Lalime: What Are The Options Now?

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After allowing one of the most disheartening goals in Lalime's short time in Buffalo, Sabres fans, and hopefully the organization, are debating at what's next for Lalime. Many have been fed up with Lalime's play this year and in the three years that he has been with the organization. His stats have not been up to par with what we expect out of a backup goaltender. Here is the three year split:

Year Wins Losses Overtime Losses GAA SV%
08-09 5 13 3 3.10 .900
09-10 4 8 2 2.81 .907
10-11 0 4 0 3.03 .891

With a high goals against average and the worst save percentage of his three years in Buffalo, the time has seemed to have run out with Lalime. With the arrival of AHL goaltender Jhonas Enroth, the pressure to keep his ice time would have to be on Lalime. The organization though wants to give Enroth more work in Portland to refine parts of his game and are probably still content on keeping Lalime as the backup goaltender. When Miller is injured and Enroth is called up, Enroth should automatically become the starting goaltender.

The inherent problem is should the Sabres keep Lalime as the backup goaltender. It doesn't hurt the Sabres to not have him play as much and it would do Enroth better to get more time in Portland than to continually open the door. The Sabres could continually call up Enroth when he was needed to fill-in for Miller on the days that Lalime would normally play, but that seems like a lot of travel and could result in fatigue for Enroth. For now, the Sabres have to live with the one-year contract they gave to Lalime and hope that the soft goals start to disappear.