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Sabres 1, Lightning 2: Patrick Lalime Becomes The Story Again

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The Sabres put together a lackluster effort for the full sixty minutes against a Lightning team that looked better on the ice. The only thing that anyone will take away from the game is how bad Patrick Lalime looked on the game winning goal. While trying to clear the puck out of the zone, Lalime passed it directly to Tampa's Adam Hall. Lalime made the first save, but didn't fully cover the puck which allowed Hall to grab it from under his pads and put it in the net. If you missed the game, here is the video of the goal:

It probably is the worst goal I have ever seen given up by a goaltender in a very long time. Lalime didn't look great at all during this game though, giving up countless rebounds and not covering the puck well for most of the game. The team was playing somewhat well up until that goal and then it looked like the wheels fell off the bus. With Ryan Miller day-to-day again, the Sabres have to make the decision on whether Lalime will be seeing any more time or if Jhonas Enroth will be getting most of the starts in replacement.

As for the rest of the team, they didn't look much better save for Thomas Vanek. For the Sabres only goal of the game, Vanek got lit up by Tampa's Mattias Ohlund, got back up, rejoined the rush, and scored the first goal of the game:

The Sabres have four days to lick their wounds and hopefully get their star goaltender healed before they have to face the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday.