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Daily Links for Friday November 19th

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With a back to back homestand against the Los Angeles Kings and Tampa Bay Lightning, some links to setup the weekend:


We’re Going to Need a Bigger Trowel | The Goose's Roost
Ryan has a great article about dumb Bruins fans and how well the Bruins responded to the incident. 


Sabres Edge - Rivet's return likely this weekend
Rivet should be coming back this weekend after recovering from food poisoning. The question is who sits?


Ryan Miller's Kick-Save Krunch
You too can own Ryan Miller's Kick Save Krunch. He seriously has his own cereal. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. 

Islanders embarrassing off the ice too: Team pulls journalist Chris Botta’s press credentials | ProHockeyTalk

You may care, you may not. It is interesting to see the dysfunction on the Island though. 


Brett Clark Shoots Puck Through Net -- NHL FanHouse
This doesn't happen often, but its still cool when it does. Tampa's Brett Clark, who we should see on Saturday, shot a puck through the net.