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Daily Links for Thursday November 18th

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The Sabres couldn't quite pull off the three goal comeback against the Capitals but they certainly made it close in the second period. The question is can they pick up their stride against a red hot Kings team on Friday. Here are the links for the day. 


Caps take advantage of three-spot - Sabres & NHL - The Buffalo News
The standard recap from the Buffalo News


Sabres 'D' Trying to Put it All Together - Kuklas Korner
Dave Davis at his new gig at Kuklas Korner takes a look at how the Sabres Defense is contributing to the winning streak.

Video: 7-year-old girl hit by puck won't give up on NHL, Flyers - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports

Scary situation in Philadelphia turns out alright after girl was hit in head by an errant puck.

Video: Jaroslav Halak scores … on himself | ProHockeyTalk

Ouch. All we can say is ouch. Jaroslav Halak accidentally scored on his own net tonight.

We finish with a great video of Ryan Miller from ESPN, yep that ESPN, impersonating Carl Spackler. Thanks to Willful Caboose for the heads up.