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12/13: And you thought our powerplay was bad.

Shamelessly stolen from ‘The Classic Blog’ By Ryan Classic (numbers updated).

Who gets to 10 goals first: Ilya Kovalchuk, or the entire Florida Panthers power play? The Panthers are currently leading the race 8-5.

12/12 Drafts. Sometimes they are great, sometimes they suck.

After much scouring, i have determined(with substantial bias) the worst draft classes ever. (1985-2004). Strangely the sabres of the early 2000s didn’t make this list (though a valient effort saved by players like Nathan Paetsch in the 192nd round[approximate])

The Loser: 1990 edmonton oilers. Top 3 picks: 17,38,59. 11 picks total. No NHL games, at all. I can’t even fathom how bad the scouting has to be to not have even one of them play a single game.
1999 Montreal Canadians: Top 3 picks: 29, 58, 97. 11 picks total. 111 NHL games, all by Matt Carkner who left MTL as a free agent before playing any of them.
1999 Maple Leafs: Top 3 picks: 24, 60, 108. 9 picks total. 3 NHL games played.

Honorable mentions: 1996 blackhawks, 1996 red wings, 2002 canucks, the canucks in general.

Obligatory “Glen Sather is the worst GM ever” entry: 2003 NYR. The best first round in the history of the NHL and Hugh Jessiman plays zero games. Oh, and your next three picks: 1 game. You’re lucky your late round picks bailed you out or it would have been you and the 1990 oilers as the only two i mentioned.

In conclusion, canadian teams suck at drafting. Ottawa narrowly escaped, but was in the final ten worst drafts ever, even though they only had five valid drafts. Calgary had a bad draft, but it was too recent so i held off final judgement: (Best hope: new Hurricane Brett Sutter.)

12/11 Putting Crosby in perspective. (Its baaackkk.)

At the point Crosby had 33 points in 16 games, To pass Wayne Gretzky in points, he needed to keep up that scoring pace for the next 1116 games, or until he’s 37 years old, assuming he doesn’t get injured or retire in the next 14 years.

11/22 Patrick Lalime doesn't suck, Ryan Miller is just too good.

Here are some goalies with GAA and S% almost identical to Lalime's last year:
Lalime: 4-8-2, 2.81, .907, Sabres.
Legace: 10-7-5, 2.81, .907, Hurricanes
Giguere: 10-15-2, 2.87, .907, Ducks/Leafs.
Quick: 39-24-7, 2.53, .907, Kings
B. Johnson: 10-7-2, 2.76, .906, Penguins
Roloson: 23-18-7, .907, 3.00, NYI

11/17: Something completely random: Shutout losses/ties leaderboard.

Player Count
Evgeni Nabokov 5
Byron Dafoe 4
Patrick Roy 4
Kevin Weekes 3
Martin Biron 3
Curtis Joseph 3
Jamie McLennan 3
John Vanbiesbrouck 3
Dominik Hasek 3


Tyler Ennis is still second in rookie scoring with 11 points. (Skinner leads with 15)

Steve Montador leads the league with a +13 and this STILL is completely unfathomable to me, but i accept it and move on.

Vanek: 1
Roy: 1
Myers: 3
(Ennis and Roy each have Shootout deciding goals)

Also as mentioned during the Canucks game, the five straight overtime games is a franchise record.

11/15: Our expansion buddies over the last 39 seasons:

Vanc. Buffalo
Games 3116 3116
Wins 1248 1487
Points 2951 3445
Point% 0.473 0.552
Playoffs 23 28

11/13: In 4 games last year against the caps, the sabres gave up 5 powerplays… total.


This is entirely for the PPP blog, Skinnyfish, and Penguins haters everywhere
Marc-Andre Fleury: 1-7 .853 sv%
Vesa Toskala’s stats first 8 games last year: 0-8 0.854 sv%

11/11: Combined record of next week's opponents (5 games in 8 days) 52-20-4.

11/10: Since the lockout, Ryan Miller has allowed one goal or less in a game 26.2% of the time.

11/9 Sabres even strength TOI leaders


Derek Roy is pretty important.

11/8 Sabres Rookie +/- Leaders

Rk Player Season Pos GP PTS +/-
1 Danny Gare 1974-75 RW 78 62 40
2 Mike Wilson 1995-96 D 58 12 13
3 Ric Seiling 1977-78 RW 80 38 13
4 Tyler Myers 2009-10 D 82 48 13
5 Mike Weber 2007-08 D 16 3 12
6 Jim Schoenfeld 1972-73 D 66 19 12
7 Calle Johansson 1987-88 D 71 42 12
8 Chris Butler 2008-09 D 47 6 11


The largest decrease in points between two years for the sabres is 26. (1984-1986)


The Bills and Sabres have currently combined for a points percentage of .308, (NO THANKS TO YOU BILLS)

Here are the 5 Worst combined Points percentages between the Bills and the Sabres all-time:

1971-72 0.398
1985-86 0.625
1970-71 0.635
1986-87 0.650
2001-02 0.688


Sabres 09-10 Payroll according to capgeek (not cap hit, calculated manually with massive rounding): ~$55,290,351
Sabres 10-11 Payroll according to capgeek (Excluding call-ups but including all performance bonuses): 55,092,000.
Darcy has said he likes to keep 1 million to pay callups and trades, so i’d imagine the budget this year is 56 million (We’re "over budget" by a whole $92,000), though it appears overages are allowed within reason because i had deduced that last year’s budget was 55 million and it looks like they were slightly over that.

So indeed our budget is higher than last year’s. By 1 million, 900K of which we haven’t spent yet. Wooooo.


So the Buffalo Sabres power play hasn’t always been good. Or has it? A history: As a tribute to Jack Edwards, instead of reporting the %, i’ll report Power play goals for:

05-06 Buffalo: 101 (4th) Average: 85
06-07 Buffalo: 71 (4-way tie for 12th) Average: 70
07-08 Buffalo: 66 (7th) Average: 62
08-09 Buffalo: 75 (7th) Average: 65
09-10 Buffalo: 55 (17th) Average: 56
And… the uncool year that is…
10-11 Buffalo: 6 Average:8 (T-20th and They should be in first because they’ve played so many games.)


Many of you know that the sabres have basically quit drafting european players. In fact, they have made 24 straight draft picks without picking a single european (the last one was Felix Schutz in the 4th round of 2006). You may wonder how much change there is from before. If you take the 24 picks before those, 8 were european. (3 Czechs, 2 Swedes, 2 Germans, 1 Russian)

Another way of looking at it, picks in the first two rounds of 2007-2009 were 6 canadians and 1 american, but from 2003-2006 the sabres picks in the first two rounds had nationalities of: 1 Austrian, 2 czechs, 1 german, 2 swedes, 2 american, and 1 canadian. Even more amazing is out of all six those Europeans only Vanek has played a game in the NHL, yet all 3 of the North American picks have.

A long table on number of times short by year, showing how the sabres are way above their norm.


In the last game the sabres played against Dallas, Tyler Myers had 4 points. Since the lockout, 23 players have managed to score 4 points in a game for the sabres. (Derek Roy has done it the most times at 4).

Oddly enough, only five times a Sabres player has had a 4-point night on the road. Even more oddly, three of them were against Philidelphia.


Mike Weber’s statline last year: 80 GP, 5G, 16A, +18, 152 PIMs.

Mike Weber collects a lot of penalty minutes. In fact, last year,his 152 PIMs much higher than the Sabres leader Craig Rivet with 100 (There are a lot more PIMs in the AHL i’ve noticed.) Oddly enough, that wasn’t even good enough to top his team (Cody McCormick had 168 in 14 less games) Also, it wasn’t even a career high.

In a wonderous display of efficiency, he managed to sit in the box for 178 minutes in 2007-2008, in only 59 games!


Three game winning goals have been scored by the Sabres. Derek Roy has one. Guess who has the other two?

Tyler Myers.


Andrej Sekera's Shot Differential:

Andrej Sekera Buffalo 28.9 Shots/60 19.4 SA/60 Shot differential: 9.5/60
This is 17th in the league. (Leopold is 13th)


Tyler Ennis is tied for first in rookie scoring with seven points.

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