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Daily Links for Monday, Nov. 1

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Welcome to November, a month that can't be as bad for Buffalo as October was, right? Right? Please? Plenty on Craig Rivet's benching today, and after the break a few fun post-Halloween posts.

Sabres hit bottom on road trip - The Buffalo News
The whole concept is almost laughable at the moment. The Buffalo Sabres as Stanley Cup contenders? Ha.

Sabres pay stiff penalty for not staying out of box - The Buffalo News
It seems like pretty simple logic. If a team is struggling on the penalty kill, it probably shouldn't take a lot of penalties.

Captain blight: What healthy scratches mean for Rivet, Buffalo - Puck Daddy
Does this move by Lindy Ruff irrevocably damage Rivet as Buffalo captain? 

On Rivet's benching - Roll the Highlight Film
Did "Captain" Craig Rivet just throw his teammates under the bus?

Sometimes Getting Your Way Kinda Sucks - Top Shelf
On Craig Rivet.

Five from Class of 2010 stay with NHL teams -
Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin are among the 2010 Draft class members who it will remain with their teams instead of going back to the junior ranks.

First month of season has all five Central Division teams in playoffs -
No division ever has placed all five teams in the postseason, but after one month, all five Central teams rank in the top seven in the West.

Scary Goalie Masks -
With Halloween and the anniversary of the goalie mask upon us, it's only right that we take a look at some of the most colorful headwear in NHL history.

Gallery: NHL Halloween costumes, pumpkins and ghastliness - Puck Daddy
A fun Halloween post from Puck Daddy.