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How To Enhance The Arena Experience At HSBC Arena

The sites around the network, thanks to Samsung, are taking a look at different ways to enhance fan experience. Over the next three weeks, we will take a look at making your experience better by examining things like home experience, arena experience, and overall good fan rules. This week's installment deals with arena issues.

The arena experience could be upgraded in a few different ways. The first and easiest upgrade would be the team that we are watching on the ice in front of us. Since the team hasn't won a game at home yet, a decent playing team would be appreciated by the home fans. 

My second suggestion would deal with swag that most teams hand out to their paying customers. About the only thing that Sabres fans get during a normal regular season is a magnet schedule while most other teams entice paying customers with bobbleheads and other cool things. Most of those teams use these promotions to entice people to actually buy tickets which wasn't a problem for the past few seasons but appears to be more of an issue. 

The arena itself, even in a fortieth anniversary celebration, seems to be devoid of its history. While the members of the Sabres Hall of Fame are all honored around the arena, you really couldn't tell that there was a hockey team outside of the arena devoid of the giant mural that covers the parking garage walkway. There should be some sort of honor outside of the arena and some more historic pictures as you walk around the arena. At least giving a mention to the arena's other tenant, the Bandits, would be a nice touch as well. 

There are many more things that can be said: better food and beer choices, better in-game and intermission entertainment, and others. Different fans have different experiences, so tell me what I missed in the comments.