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Daily Links for Wednesday, Oct. 27

Another day, another game where the Sabres can't put together a consistent effort. I still have no idea whether this team will finish 5th in the East or 11th. What do you think?

That was fun, kinda: Offense clicks as Flyers stab Sabres, 6-3 - Broad Street Hockey
Tonight's recap: Flyers 6, Sabres 3. That was fun, huh? (For Flyers fans, that is)

Myers working his way through sophomore slump -
The lesson to be learned for Tyler Myers after getting off to a slow start this season is to not press or try to do too much.

Restating the Theme - The Goose's Roost
How important is it that Thomas Vanek hit the net? Pretty important, and it was nice to see him get another last night.

Things I Could Have Done Instead of Watching Sabres/Flyers - Shots off the Crossbar
I would have rather done most of these things.

Checks from behind lost in head-shot debate - THN
While every hit to the head or borderline shot is looked at endlessly on tape, the seriousness of hitting from behind is being forgotten.

Major adjustments for Oilers' Hall -
Taylor Hall's early days in the NHL have been exercise in adaptation on and off the ice.

Cullen: Shot Totals Reveal Defensive Woes, Strengths - TSN
A look at some of the teams and individuals who either allow too many shots or do a fine job limiting the number of shots against:

Makeshift hockey Halloween costumes for thrifty trick-or-treaters - Puck Daddy
Halloween is this Sunday, which means the clock is ticking on your costume options. Unless you're happy being the 1,000,001st person with a "Jersey Shore" outfit on Oct. 31, perhaps you'd prefer something from the land of puck?