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Zack Kassian Sent Back To The Windsor Spitfires

So much for the nine game tryout.

The Buffalo Sabres have announced today that they have sent Zack Kassian back to the Windsor Spitfires for the season, effectively ending Kassian's chance at making the Sabres roster this season. Kassian finished the preseason with only one assist in four preseason games but wowed Sabres fans with his physical play, especially in the first preseason game against the Leafs. 

Kassian had this to say about being let go from the team:

"I had a good camp," Kassian told The News by telephone. "I came in here doing what I wanted to do. I got a taste of what it's like in exhibition, and now I know what to work on to make that team next year.

As much as Kassian wowed in the first preseason game, he didn't really do much to stand out in the other three preseason games to make a case for a regular season tryout. Many Sabres fans, including myself, would have liked to have seen what he could have done on the team, but another year in juniors may do Kassian well.