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Daily Links for Monday, Oct. 18

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A new week means renewed hope in the team (that and we didn't watch them lose another game last night.) Can the team put together two solid efforts in a row?

Derek Roy is Playing Really Hard (Also, a Pig Just Flew By My Window) - Top Shelf
Well, the Sabres are certainly challenging the whole notion of having fun with hockey, aren't they?

WHITE: Where Are We? - WGR 550
Jeremy White developed a BUFFCON system to let you know how serious things are right now.

Vulgar Statistics: Sabrepocalypse - Black & Blue & Gold
What were the worst opening records of recent playoff teams? Alex at BBG investigates.

Same old Sabres - Buffalo Wins
Joe isn't panicking, but also doesn't consider the team a Cup contender.

10/16 Recap: Isackson pots pair as Herd rolls -
A few Sabres prospects come back to Earth after hot starts.

Ovechkin and Caps both off to hot start -
Alex Ovechkin is off to another fast start -- and he's a big reason the Washington Capitals are doing the same.

10 things to know from the first week of the NHL season -
Kevin Allen gives us some solid info on the first week, and a picture of a baby sleeping in the Cup.

CrowdWave: Changing NHL arena experience, for better or worse - Puck Daddy
Do you want to interact with the scoreboard and other fans by waving your arms around? You might, soon.