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Daily Links for Sunday, Oct. 17

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What can you say after a game like that?

Sabres give the effort, get no reward - The Buffalo News
A much better effort, a crushingly similar result.

Theft Sometimes Isn't A Crime: Sabres 3 - Hawks 4 - Second City Hockey
Sabres-Hawks Wrap from SCH.

Post-game thoughts - Sabres Edge
Here's what's cluttering Mike Harrington's mind after the Sabres' 4-3 loss to the Blackhawks Saturday night in the United Center.

Sabres hardly look the part of a Cup contender - The Buffalo News
Bucky Gleason says good team, yes. Cup contender, no.

Thornton inks three-year extension with Sharks - TSN
The San Jose Sharks have locked up Joe Thornton, signing the veteran forward to a $21 million, three-year contract extension.

A reality TV f-bomb for NHL's self-doubt - The Globe and Mail
With its new HBO reality show, maybe the league will finally let hockey be hockey – rough and rude, the way people love it.

GM Brian Burke: 4-0-0 start 'huge' for Leafs - ESPN
When it comes to hockey and hyperbole, no city mixes the two better than Toronto. But after finishing 29th overall in the standings last

NHL To Allow Finishing Moves In Fights This Season - The Onion
In a policy shift that seems to run counter to the recent emphasis on professional hockey as a game of speed and finesse, the NHL announced Wednesday that it will allow exceptionally graphic finishing moves for the 2010-2011 season.