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Daily Links for Monday, Oct. 11

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I'm sorry for you if you don't have the day off today (like me - I'm probably still sleeping when you read this) but at least there's another Sabres game to watch tonight. Hopefully more like Game 1 than Game 2.

Sabres' investment reaching maturity - The Buffalo News
This fall, "maturity" has been bouncing off the HSBC Arena walls. As Gaustad said, it makes sense. A 28-year-old sees the world and the ice differently than someone who's 22, and the Sabres have more guys pushing 30 than touching 20.

Overreactions from Game 2 of 82 - 3rd Man In
Eric shares some thoughts after an awful performance.

Top 40 countdown: The News' choices - The Buffalo News
TBN gives us their list of the top 40 players ever to wear the blue and gold.

I'm Having Fun! I Swear! - Top Shelf
Heather is having fun. HAVING FUN.

LeBrun's weekend wrap: Contract talks pick up for Joe Thornton, Shea Weber - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN
Patrice Bergeron removed himself from the summer's UFA market after agreeing to a three-year, $15 million extension Friday. You can expect another big-name center, Joe Thornton, to follow suit.

Why the Sharks will win the Stanley Cup, Sheldon Souray update -
Before you laugh out loud, consider at least some of the following points by Jim Kelley.

Maple Leafs fans have reasons for early optimism - The Globe and Mail
1. Toronto fore-checks with enthusiasm; 2. They knock down any nearby opposing bodies; 3. They don't get cute in their own end

Puck Daddy's 'Create a Sports Illustrated Cover' Contest Gallery 2 - Puck Daddy
Another round of humorous Photoshops from the Puck Buddies.