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Daily Links for Friday, Oct. 1

Happy Friday everyone! And happy October as well. THIS MONTH...the new hockey season starts.

With a similar core of players, and an attitude unchanged, the winger is hoping the Buffalo Sabres can deliver matching results in the 2010-11 season and take the campaign a few steps further.

Neck ailment nags Sabres' Kaleta - The Buffalo News
Patrick Kaleta insists he's not worried about his health. Really, though, would the Buffalo Sabres' forward say anything else?

Whitmore, Stuart and Conboy all clear waivers - Maine Hockey Journal
Derek Whitmore, Colin Stuart and Tim Conboy have all cleared waivers and been assigned to the Portland Pirates by the Buffalo Sabres.

Bourne Blog: The painful, personal costs of a serious hockey injury - Puck Daddy
Justin Bourne explains what it's like to have to wait for an injury to heal. It's not good.

Oilers waive Souray & Gerber; Assign 4 - Edmonton CHQTAM
Do you still want Sheldon Souray? Because now we can get him for half-price.

Top-5 NHL goalies to watch in 2010-11 - CBC
These guys could be great, or awful.

How do Blackhawks' Stanley Cup rings compare to other champs? - Puck Daddy
Before this week, there hadn't been a Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup ring given to players since 1961; so please excuse the 2010 champions if their new jewelry looks a tad opulent.