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Daily Links for Saturday, Jan. 30

Yesterday after the game, I was listening to the WGR post-game show and someone made a really good point - the Sabres won because everyone did their jobs. Miller is paid to be on of the best goalies in the world - he made 30 of 31 saves. Thomas Vanek is paid to be an offensive force - he had a goal and was all over the ice all night. Patrick Kaleta is paid to be a pest and provide some grit - he got the Bruins to come after him. It was the epitome of a team win, and everyone did what we pay them to do.

Miller's play warrants MVP talk - The Buffalo News
Jerry Sullivan makes my head explode by saying something positive about Buffalo sports.

A hot Miller spells trouble - Toronto Sun
Martin Brodeur has a warning for Canadian hockey fans who might think the coming Vancouver Games will be a cakewalk for the hosts.

This is a pretty cool article giving some behind-the-scenes happenings from each stop on the Sabres road trip.

A Word about NHL Trade Rumors & Players with Expensive Contracts - Fox Sports
Why is it so much harder to trade players with multiple tears left on their contract? Fox Sports explains.

Reports claim Lightning sale in progress, with Vinny scuttlebutt - Puck Daddy
Gary Bettman is taking a much more proactive approach to the possible sale of the Tampa Bay Lightning than he did with the Coyotes.

Goaltending - How hard can it be?
To kick off the Wall Street Journal's series "The Olympics: How Hard Can it Be," Reed Albergotti finds out from NHL and Olympic great Martin Brodeur just how hard it is to stop a slapshot.